Shivoham Shiva Prayers and Poojas for Seekers

Shivoham Shiva Poojas for Seekers

At the Shivoham Shiva temple, devotees are encouraged to engage in meaningful prayer; to understand what we say when we pray; to discover the truth – to realize the true meaning of God; to pray to the Creator who is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient; and to understand the true meaning of Shivoham ‑ that “Shiva is in me”. I am Shiva. You are Shiva. Everybody is Shiva. And finally, to comprehend the final reality: “We are not the body, but the Divine Soul.”

What makes the Shivoham Shiva Temple distinctively unique?

The Shivoham Shiva Temple is, in fact, committed to guiding people towards the true goal of life: Self-Realization, God Realization, Moksh, Nirvana, Liberation and Enlightenment. Very few people in this world go on a search, a Talaash for the truth. Most people believe in God, but they are disinterested or fail to persevere to find out the truth behind God, life, who we are and existence. The Lord Shiva temple helps such Seekers or Jigyasus progress on the path of liberation.

Significantly, instead of just performing Poojas that are not understood by people, or that people cannot identify with or relate to, the temple priests share the true meaning of the Poojas with seekers, which helps them go forward on the path of liberation and Moksh. Seekers can choose a Pooja for Moksh, Jivanmukta or Satchitananda, or they may choose a Pooja for the path to Vivek, Vairagya or Mumukshutva.

Seekers can choose from many prayers; the priests at the temple explain the meaning of each Pooja to the seeking devotee, ensuring that the latter understands the significance and the power of the prayer.

Pooja for Moksh

The Jigyasu can choose a Pooja for Moksh, praying to Shiva to be relieved from bondage to worldly life.

Pooja for Jivanmukta

Prayers can be offered seeking to become or grow as a Jivanmukta, to be liberated when alive from the maya of samsara.

Pooja for Satchitananda

The seeker may offer prayers to attain Satchitananda, a state of eternal bliss that comes from self-realization or the seeker may choose a path.

Pray for Viveka

Pray for Viveka, seeking intellect and wisdom to discern between reality and illusion.

Pray for Vairagya

Should a seeker seek detachment from this world, he can pray for Vairagya.

Pooja for Mumukshutva

One can pray for Mumukshutva, an expression of deep love and longing for God.

Shivoham Pooja

The Jigyasu may choose to pray to realize “Shivoham”, to experience God within, to understand that we are all Shiva.

Atman Pooja

To help attain God realization and to know our true identity – “Neti Neti”; “Tat Twam Asi” – I am not this; I am that – a devoted Jigyasu may perform the Atman pooja.

Pooja for Yoga

The seeker may also pray to seek to be in ‘Yoga’, in union with God.

All these poojas seek divine grace and are a heartfelt prayer to help the seeker on his spiritual journey to Self-Realization, God Realization, Liberation, Enlightenment, or Moksha.