Poojas and Prayers for Believers | Shiva temple in Bangalore

Shivoham Shiva Poojas for Believers

Prayer is a way of communicating, connecting and bonding with God. It is a reaffirmation of faith; a celebration in praise of Divinity; an expression of gratitude; a confession; a disclosure of our struggles to God as we seek His Grace and blessings; a plea for mercy, forgiveness, divine intervention; or simply an expression of love, devotion and Bhakti for God.

Om Namah Shivaya Poojas in Temple

At the Shivoham Shiva Temple, priests explain the meaning of each prayer that is performed so that the devotees understand what is being said. Written cards are also handed to those who pray with the meaning of the prayer explained in vernacular languages so that devotees may remember and cherish the value of the words of the prayer, long after they have left the temple.

For Believers, who stand strong in their faith, there are beautiful and soulful prayers, the Om Namah Shivaya poojas that can only strengthen their faith. Each Pooja signifies a purpose, a wish or thanksgiving.

Pooja for Problems

Pooja for “Problems” may be performed for the Resolution of Problems and removing obstacles, hurdles or delays in endeavours.

Pooja for Happiness

Pooja for “Happiness” may be said for the attainment of Happiness for humanity and the self.

Pooja for Forgiveness

Pooja for “Forgiveness” devotees may also pray seeking forgiveness, imploring Shiva to be merciful and to forgive transgressions, sins, wrong acts, which were knowingly or unknowingly committed. Shiva is said to be kind, gracious and very forgiving.

Pooja for Gratitude

A devotee can choose a Pooja to express Gratitude, giving thanks to Shiva for his kindness and blessings.

Pooja for Success and Prosperity

Pooja for “Success and Prosperity” may be performed after a wish is fulfilled, or after attaining some much desired achievement. It can also be performed as a simple and heartfelt expression of gratefulness. Prayers can be offered to Goddess Lakshmi, invoking her to bless a devotee with Success, Wealth and Prosperity. A prayer may be said for seeking joy and fulfilment in Relationships.

Pooja for Relation

One can perform this pooja for oneself, or friends, or family – anyone who is near and dear to us.

Pooja for Education

Students can pray for “Education” guidance – for the gift of knowledge and wisdom – in this special pooja, which can be performed before examinations or before embarking on new academic, educational goals.

Pooja for Peace

Pooja for “Peace” one may even choose a universal prayer, praying for Peace in the world and peace for each one of us.

Pooja for Health

Pooja for “Health” may be performed for good Health, or for seeking the grace of God for longevity.

Poojas and prayers help in creating and building a stronger and deeper bond with God. Moreover, they make the heart lighter, and give strength and hope in the heart of the devotee. Prayers also promote a sense of well-being, bliss, peace and happiness. And after we pray, it is also important to listen to God for these prayers to be answered.