Maha Shivaratri

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8th March 2024 | 6 AM Onwards
Shivoham Shiva Temple

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Significance Of Maha Shivaratri

The Shivoham Shiva Temple is home to one of the most spellbinding statues of Lord Shiva in the world. The resplendent 65-feet statue of Shiva, built in 1995, draws lakhs of devotees and visitors on Maha Shivratri Day, every year. Devotees return year after year with gratitude in their hearts because their prayers have been answered, their dreams have come true. It is not without reason that the statue of Shiva at the Shivoham Shiva Temple is said to be powerful and majestic.

The origin of the Hindu festival of Maha Shivratri is attributed to various stories. According to a Maha Shivratri story narrated in the Shiva Purana, Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu were fighting to establish who is superior over the other. Lord Shiva was asked by the other Gods to pacify them. Then, Lord Shiva assumed the form of a huge column of fire in between them to highlight the futility of their fight. Since Lord Shiva helped pacify the fighting Gods, the day is celebrated in His honour.

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