The History of Lord Shiva Temple

The history of this Shiva Temple dates back to the year 1994 when the construction of the 65-feet-tall Lord Shiva idol started. The temple was inaugurated by Sri Shankaracharya of Shringeri on February 27, 1995 on the auspicious MahaShivratri day in Bangalore, Karnataka.

This is no ordinary Temple! One morning, Ravi V. Melwani got a vision to build a temple where a huge statue of Lord Shiva would stand, building Faith, Hope and Belief for generations to come. He was surprised because when this inspiration struck him, he had no money, land, and plan. All he had was this vision. But Ravi V. Melwani and his father Vashi J. Melwani were completely convinced that the vision was, in fact, a message from God. They tried to make this vision come true. As if by magic, with the grace of God, they got a piece of land, arranged for the funds, and the Temple was soon a reality. With faith, all things are possible!