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Why Bad Things Can’t Happen To Good People!

Why bad things can’t happen to good people by AiR is a powerful, spiritually inspiring book that explores the universal Law of Cause and Effect and explains that we only reap what we sow and thus, bad things can never happen to us if we are good.

The Ultimate Goal of Life MEN- Moksha Enlightenment Nirvana

The Ultimate Goal of Life… MEN…Moksha, Enlightenment, Nirvana, by AiR is a book on spirituality that discusses spiritual concepts and hopes to guide people towards the realization of the truth, empowering us to live with meaning, purpose and joy.

The True Meaning of Yoga

What is the true meaning of Yoga? Is it an exercise of body and mind? If you go on a quest, you will know this is a myth.What it truly is, you will find

True Love is Bliss Not just a Kiss

People mistake Love for True Love, live deluded lives and suffer. ‘True Love is Bliss and not a Kiss’ examines the inherently Divine nature of True Love and encourages readers to aspire for the highest order of True Love.

Life! Realized!!

‘Life! Realized!!’ catalogues a series of life transforming realizations that can inspire and help one live a blissful, peaceful, meaningful and purposeful life.

God = Happiness

Most of us search for happiness in material things, in wrong places, not knowing that God is the true source of Happiness. God=Happiness discusses how through self realization and God realization, we can experience everlasting bliss and happiness.

Success is not Happiness… Happiness is Success

Success is not Happiness, Happiness is Success discusses how being successful often becomes a source of misery and how we can be truly Happy without being Successful.

Suffer No More

Suffer No More is an insightful book that investigates suffering – why we suffer and how we can escape suffering if we Realize the Truth about who we are.

Questions You Must Answer Before You DIE!

Questions You Must Answer before You Die lists a series of relevant spiritual questions and answers related to life, death and God that will take each one of us closer to the Realization of the Truth, towards God and liberation.

Be Happy in the Now!

Who doesn’t want to be happy? The whole world is seeking happiness. But is everybody happy? People experience waves of joy and sorrow. One moment they are glad but the next, they are sad. Why can’t we be happy all the time?

Let’s start a journey to discover this new secret of eternal joy and peace.

The 4th Factor

Though we do everything we can, sometimes, we fail to achieve the desired results. There is a mysterious 4th Factor that controls the results of man’s actions.

Who Are You & Why Are You Here?
 If you Know Everything, But you Don’t Know Who You Are, Then What do you Know?
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