Symbolism and Significance of the Statue of Lord Shiva

The beautiful 65-feet-tall idol of Lord Shiva at the Shivoham Shiva Temple is one of the first of its kind in the world. This awe-inspiring and majestic statue is the epitome of serenity, which leaves the devotees and visitors with feelings of tranquility and bliss.

Each little detail of this depiction of Lord Shiva as a Yogi is of immense significance and symbolism.

  • This unique statue portrays Lord Shiva in a meditative lotus pose.
  • The Holy River Ganga, which flows out of Lord Shiva’s matted locks, symbolises purity. It is purity that should emanate from our bodies in the form of pure thoughts and pure actions.
  • The Crescent Moon symbolises peace and calmness.
  • The Third Eye represents anger. Hence, it should always remain closed.
  • Damaru is a symbol for rejoicing. It is indicative of music and dancing.
  • The Tiger Skin denotes Samsaar. We should not let the wild jungle of this world overpower us we should vanquish it.
  • The Rudraksha Mala is a symbol of meditation and a reminder to always remember God.
  • The Trishul indicates that God always protects us. It is a symbol of protection.
  • The Snake coiled on the body of Lord Shiva indicates lack of fear. Even a snake can be tamed if we are fearless.

Om Namah Shivaya ‑ Chant with meaning!

When one beholds the Most Powerful Statue of Lord Shiva at the Shivoham Shiva Temple, one cannot but chant Om Namah Shivaya. Though one may habitually repeat these sacred words, how many of us are aware of the meaning of this holy chant? Do we truly understand it? Are we aware of the depth and its implications? For some of us, it’s just a salutation. But these three words, derived from Sanskrit, are powerful and indicative of the cosmic reality that the universal consciousness is ONE.

||Om Namah Shivaya||

The mantra, which literally means “I bow to Lord Shiva”, if chanted with faith and devotion, brings peace to the mind and joy to the soul. Sages believe that reciting this mantra is sound therapy for the body and nectar for the Atman.

Spiritual Vibrations

The spiritual vibrations that emanate from the statue enthral the devotees, who can feel a discernible divine presence in the temple, and this indeed makes the statue powerful! But this is certainly not the only reason why the statue is so powerful. The story behind the building of this idol of Lord Shiva is nothing less than a miracle in itself!

Read the next post in this blog to know more about the fascinating history behind the building of the statue of Lord Shiva.

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